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How it Works: Click the link above to sign up for our program. Once your application has been approved, we'll provide you with unique tracking links and materials to build a successful campaign. When you promote our courses, we can see how many people purchase one of the courses through your unique tracking link. You will be paid 10% of all the sales created through your unique tracking links.
How do I get paid?: You will receive your money via PayPal upon reaching the minimum €30 threshold. Please note that payouts are delayed by 30 days after the payment has been received. The delay in the affiliate commission payout gives us time to handle it if there are any refunds.

What can I Earn as an Affiliate Partner?

As an affiliate partner, you get your own unique links, and if people click on one of your links, you earn an affiliate fee.

What you can earn is entirely up to how many of the people you introduce to our courses who ends up purchasing something. 

We held the right to change our prices, and sometimes a course is sold with a discount. So the numbers below are just an example:

Our most popular product is our workshops it cost € 79 and you earn 10% of the sales price, then you earn ≈ € 8 per workshop sold through your links. 

We keep track of all sales for 3 years - so if anyone later purchase our online course € 149 then you earn ≈ € 15 and if someone purchase the € 2499 mentor certification then you earn ≈ € 250.

Some examples:

  • 5 workshops sold through your links ≈ € 40
  • 5 online courses sold through your links ≈ € 75
  • 5 certifications sold through your links ≈ € 1250

In total ≈ € 1365

And can you help introduce us to more people, then it is just to do the math :) More is more :)


What can you help us promote?

As a True Nomad Affiliate Partner you'll earn money on ALL the sales you help create - and this is across all our projects. If you help sign someone up for our Better Dad Institute Program, and they later decide to learn to play the handpan - then you should off course benefits from this. It is only fair. A deal is only good if it benefits all :)

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